About Us

We, at Xfreshh, are a team of enthusiastic individuals which is determined to deliver to you, home-cooked meals prepared at your home, in your kitchen, by your loved ones. We understand your need to stay healthy at all times and how crucial it is to avoid having street food which is often contaminated, or food from restaurants which might be oily, spicy and unhealthy. 

Given the present scenario when the entire world is struggling against a pandemic, having outside food prepared in unhygienic and unsanitary conditions can prove to be fatal. Thus, our dedicated team collects your lunch from your residence and brings it to you via a system of contact-less delivery.

Presently, we have been providing service to the offices in and around Sector V, Salt Lake. However, we plan to expand our venture soon in order to help all the working people of Kolkata receive fresh meals cooked at their own homes while they are busy working in their shops and cubicles.

The persistently degrading quality of fruits, vegetables and milk of the local market has become a matter of serious concern in every household. The cheap quality milk available in the market is often adulterated with paint, detergent and water as reported in a recent survey by FSSAI. At Xfreshh, your health is our first priority and thus we ensure utmost purity and freshness of the fruits, vegetables and milk that we deliver. We don’t collect your daily essentials from the market, rather we visit various organic farms of West Bengal, everyday early in the morning, and deliver to you only the fresh and the best.

Our Motto:

Xfreshh strives to create employment opportunities and in the process, bring about an all round development of the rural populace of various districts of West Bengal by working closely with farmers. Our purpose is not to acquire monetary gains but to build a healthy community for you and your family to live in.

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