What is Xfreshh?

Xfreshh is a fresh concept for the people of Kolkata where we assist office goers and shop keepers by delivering their lunch box to their work place before lunch and delivering the empty lunch box back to their homes.


What is delivered at Xfreshh?

At Xfreshh we pick your lunch box from your home and deliver it to you at your office or shop. We now also deliver farm fresh fruits, vegetables and milk. Try Xfreshh Milk and Xfreshh Fruits and Vegetables today.


Where does Xfreshh operate?

Presently we operate in 20 kilometre radius of Newtown and Saltlake Sector 5, however we plan to expand your venture all across West Bengal in the near future.


Will my lunch be hot when it is delivered to me?

Of course, at Xfreshh we ensure that your food is hot when it reaches you and to ensure that we use special thermal boxes.


What if my lunch box is mixed up with another box?

Don’t worry that won’t happen. We ensure error free delivery with special codes on your lunch box so that it doesn’t get mixed up and you receive the food prepared by your family members especially for you.


Will the delivery be contact-less?

Yes, in the recent scenario where the entire world has been hit by a pandemic we ensure a contact-less delivery for all our clients.

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