Terms and Conditions

1. Permissions

Your Lunchbox will be delivered to the common deposit point of your building and office. Necessary arrangements for delivery have to be made by the customer at the delivery point. You will be required to assist us in reaching you at your office and apartment, by acquiring the required permissions.

2. Security Money

You will have to pay the 31 day’s subscription fee in advance, which will be considered as security deposit. You can cancel your subscription anytime after the first month. Upon cancellation, your security deposit is refundable or it can be adjusted with your subscription fee.

3. Payment

Payment can be made via bank transfer or you can pay us through your card or cash. The payment has to be made within the first 5 days of each month. In case of any non-payment of fault in payment, Xfreshh reserves the right of cancelling/holding the delivery of the lunchbox.

4. Delivery

There will be no lunch deliveries on Sundays, Public holidays, heavy rains, riots, or in case of natural disasters or strike.

5. Privacy

We DO NOT collect any details that you don’t provide us with. The details that you provide us with, are used only by Xfreshh and are NOT sold to any third parties.

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