Xfreshh Fruits and Vegetables

At Xfreshh Fruits and Vegetables we are determined to bring the freshest and 100% Organic, and Natural fruits and vegetables to your doorstep. We believe in delivering food from farm to table and thus we don’t wander around local markets for your kitchen needs. Various women of self help groups handpick your green groceries from various farmers of various districts of West Bengal so that we can deliver to you the fruits and vegetables of exceptional quality. We are confident that the quality and freshness of the produce you receive will be noticeably better than what you would get from the local market or fruit shop.

When selecting the fruits and vegetables for you, we concentrate on quality and not just how an item looks. Each morning we collect only what we need, based on the orders we have received for that day and thus, at the end of each day there is virtually no ‘carry-over’ or wastage. You can be confident that 100% of the fruits and vegetables that you receive at your door step has been freshly collected on that very day.

How we work at
We visit the best farms of Bengal everyday early in the morning.
We handpick only the best vegetables for you that are 100% natural and organic.
We deliver the freshest vegetables to you at your doorstep.

Why Choose Xfreshh Fruits and Vegetables



100% Fresh, Natural and Organic Fruits and Vegetables

We care about your health and thus we collect your fruits and vegetables from only the farms that are completely organic and natural. 




Carefully Selected by Trained Professionals

After the fruits and vegetables are collected we separate and serve to you only the most nutritious and flavourful produce.






On Time Delivery

We are always punctual in delivering to you at your home 100% farm fresh fruits and vegetables at the exact time you want.




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